With or Without

by Household

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Shut down every thought that wasn't true Every lie that wasn't you I dive into this book "but boy, will you heed my words?" Reflect, Rethink, Restore Set me straight confuse my language I pray this is not just another day I pray that you remember Brick castles and skyscrapers both towering high will I take what I've read? will I let it apply? and as Babel has fallen, I too am beaten by pride Will I read with courage to be led by the light? Freedom flies in those pages Freedom lies in his face Listen The darkness around me brings me down but the light inside my give me consistency 'therefore my dear brothers, stand firm. let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord cause you know that your labor is not in vain.'
Discretion 02:45
I feel greedy for ever believing A faith of comfort and certainty? I’m guaranteed lifelong future, if you please Is this all for peace of mind? Is this all just to keep me quiet? This place holds a cross over head Have I learned to trust the wood or the man held by it? Where are the free ones? What is your true love? And just like that all confused and lost I’m stuck between two roads that will cost me May my thoughts motivate my bones May my veins pulsate with every breath that I own This is not my desire Blinded or shallow, call it what you need I’m running towards clarity Hold your faith up to the light Find it true, hold it tight Trust yourself with inward questions Test your doubt, turn and fight He’s guided my feet thus far.
Reservoir 03:44
Be Honest, Kind, and True These three I too see as a value Hollow times beg for fulfillment I will make good That's what we tell ourselves Its been a long while A waste of time Our passion's gone sour Is it hard to find the words to get you by and not feel guilty Pass by Pass by Those words scream from inside Have i never let the might of God transform and flow? Kindness truly comes when the Spirit takes hold I can't live in the past where I've neglected grace I look forward to the times Unity I'll embrace We are a family Bonded by the truth in our hearts Steadfast we run so far I have been set free Peace belongs to me Ignoring every lie Look me in the eyes Be Honest, Be Kind, Be True I won't go back This peace will last forever.
Trials 03:22
This moment. This time. Make it anew, oh God carry me through trials. And I know that every minuet lacking movement is meaningless. And I can't afford those anymore because my past has been pardoned and my future is assured. Tear down these walls. Tear down these towers of pride. I'm sorry, just carry me. So, I glide on that grace like a majestic ship coasting on open water. My gaze held straight not willing to alter. Silver and gold all amounts to nothing compared to the warmth of your arms. And I swear tonight will be a night I decide to be on your side. This time's not mine. Oh God, grant me passion to pursue love. Trials. These therapeutic sessions with you, oh they're eating up my life. And spitting out Love, Joy, Peace from on the inside. I will not conform to those patterns. In fact, you can have it all. Take the world but give me Jesus Christ.
Value 02:12
Look at each other Value Bring back value Handcrafted, you and I held together with our makers touch She was never meant to be objectified. My eyes are open wide Bring back Value Value.
Purpose 02:43
Turn an ear and listen Hope dwells in the story being told It's about a broken man And a stolen glory nothing cannot be undone Every seed given season to redeem and restart hope still grows inside of us But I've failed and failed again You still lift me up Day after day and through the years I have a reason to fall back into Your arms God brings Purpose to this struggle of mine That's just not me Full cup - steady hand and with my pride aside you can't have my joy You've salvaged what I stole and traded for treasure 'X' marks the spot - My heart is Yours Please understand, I'm just a kid spitting out my Father's words Jewels Let's talk about jewels Jewels, Your words a greater than jewels in my hands Perfect love casts out fear Perfect love, draw me near Bind them to your heart Tie them around your neck
Unearned 03:31
And I've slept for far too long Neglecting everything you brought me Stagnant bones How many times must I forget truth? Finally, something to hold onto I have hope that my actions will not be of my skin That I will find true strength within Spirit and Truth will shape my life Have my mind But If didn’t blossom, would I question my palms? A working man can only earn what's done with skin and blood? In a search for rest I've misplaced my trust For my hands still shake Hands shake Only you can release me from myself Take what is not of you and spit it out Bury me bones and all If it dares to tear what’s between us, kill it I stay consistent. Christ so sufficient I lose consistency. Christ still sufficient for me Hail to the king cause he loved me first and screw the world cause it taste like dirt I don’t need your lies How many times must I forget truth? Finally, something to hold onto You.


Minneapolis, Minnesota has long been home to a punk/hardcore scene that marches to a beat all it’s own. Among the newest wave of bands keeping this spirit alive is five-piece melodic hardcore outfit HOUSEHOLD. Despite the members just recently finishing high school, they have consistently created music that has been impossible to ignore. While comparisons to Killing The Dream, Shai Hulud, and Sinking Ships are often made, it’s evident HOUSEHOLD are willing to defy convention and craft truly unique songs showcasing a sound all their own.

Now teamed with Blood & Ink Records (who also worked with Minnesota hardcore luminaries Venia), HOUSEHOLD have prepared their first proper release, an EP entitled “With or Without”. The effort demonstrates the band’s creativity and masterful songwriting, while staying true to the lexicon of melodic hardcore they find so inspiring. This young band is making a statement: they’re worth your attention and have just scratched the surface of what they can do.


released September 30, 2014


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Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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