Feel The Change

by New Heart

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released May 4, 2018

New Heart is Nathan Evans, Hayden French, Joe Januszkiewicz, Jordan Witbracht, and Andy Wood

All music written by New Heart
Lyrics written by New Heart and Matthew Green
Guest Vocals on "Cycle of Abuse" by Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation
Guest Vocals on "Total Refusal" by Ace Stallings of Break Away

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Galvez at Good Fortune Audio

Album Artwork and Layout by Chris Mollet of Youth Energy Designs 


all rights reserved



Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Intro
A risk that we're all born to take
The life we live and the choice we make
Never accepting the life we're living
The chance to change that we were given
Revival starts with the youth 
We know our task and we know the truth 
It's time to change, it's time to grow
The time is ours, it's time you know
We're the New Heart Crew
Track Name: Feel the Change
Our time is now 
I'm striving and fighting the ache 
That comes from the pressure and urge to give way
To the heartless, shallow and arrogant minds 
The time is now to make a change 

I know we could sit here and argue what it's really about 
But I'm seeing the broken, rejected and I refuse to play hypocritical games
When people feel hopeless and lost by your way

We could make a difference but you stay the same
You can hear the words but can you feel the change?

You polish the outside and sharpen the knife 
To carve your ideas of division in the backs of the ones who are needing us most 
Just drop the blade, refuse to pick it up

You've got to feel the change 
I know that this is worth the fight 

I know you can hear the words but can you feel the change
Track Name: One Less Chain
There’s no going back from here with one less chain

Talking down on my life choices; to separate from society 
A refusal to take up worldly poisons, you say something's wrong with me, but I've got
One less chain to this earth 
One less chain to this earth 

I’m too strong for your hollow thinking
Take the hint and walk the other way
I'm not interested in buying what you're selling me
Refuse to break just to get though another day
One less chain to this earth

Straight edge
Track Name: Cycle of Abuse
I remember the lies they said and the words they spoke into me
Indoctrinate the fragile minds of youth then throw your chains on reality with this cycle of abuse

Can you blame me for the scars I carry and the way that I turned out?
Wasted my time on the assembly line
Being fed straight into the devil’s mouth

Corruption of souls, leaving them blind
The system’s in place and you’re taking their minds
It’s time for you to measure the cost of the lives destroyed and the innocence lost
Look me in the eyes, tell me the truth

Such spinelessness to corrupt the youth
With this cycle of abuse
I know those kids don’t mean nothing to you, man
Cycle of abuse
Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth
Track Name: Societal Sickness
We've had enough
Eyes are on the clock

It's a sickness, a societal symptom
The way we spend our time 
Is it the weight we carry or the truth we bury
As we grow weary chasing nickels and dimes
Does it make any sense? 
How we rush it all to fit our own personal needs
Instead of taking a step to stop and breathe?
I'm so sick of society 

I'm at the end of my rope as the cycle repeats
So I tie it in a noose around the neck of defeat

It's time to dig deep for new clarity
We need to break away (break free)
Abandon the system; create your own way
Change starts today
They'll do anything to lead you back in
Don't be led astray (hold fast)
Take the time to find your identity
Make today the day

I'm not stopping now 
Because time won't stop for me
And the clock keeps on ticking
Track Name: No More Hate
Intolerance will no longer stand
This world of hatred and bigotry
Condemning others by race
It's closing in on our community

I can feel the weight crushing me
I can feel their hate binding us together

We've been fighting for years but I still feel this pain
Deep in my spirit, I'm going insane
If we stand together and break down the walls
We'll end this malevolence once and for all

I can feel the weight crushing me
I can feel their hate binding us together

No more hatred here
No more hatred here
No more 
No fear
No more hatred here
No more fear
Track Name: Total Refusal
Year after year, remaining true  
Things will never change no matter what I do
My fight’s with a world that I don’t understand
My weapon of choice is this X on my hand

Still hold my convictions like a razor blade 
What's right, not just what's allowed 
The time has come to separate from you
And I found a way out

Try to keep me in line, and still I choose 
A total refusal to be like you
Track Name: Midwest Rage / Break the Mold
One by one we've fallen in line
Pushed around, thinking forced to the side
Now is our time to break the mold 
Rebel against the lies we're told
Change starts here and talk is cheap
Standing together, building something unique
Grown together, ties can't be unbound
Bonded by the truth we've found 

Power wielded in the hands of youth
Take it back
We know the truth
Track Name: Unify
It’s time to unify

Shattered, disjointed, the message has been forgotten 
Prideful, judgmental, not meant to be like this
We’re breaking at the seams
Stuck in a rut
Frame of mind distorted, closing shut
Hoping everyday we can win this fight
Praying everyday we can get this right

Yet you sit and point blame about the speck in their eye but you fail to see that there's a plank in yours
It’s time to put all division aside and realize that together we fight
It’s time to reunite
It’s time to unify
It's time to reunite
When united, we will stand
But divided, we will fall

Are you willing to put pettiness and bitterness aside so we can unify?
Track Name: Pave the Way (NHC)
I ask myself "is it worth the cost?" 
The one they've paid for years
The words they wrote burned deep inside;
The words still ringing in my ears

Speaking my mind, I'm gonna sing it loud
A refusal to blend in with the crowd
Deep in my heart, I know what's true 
Wouldn't know what to say if it wasn't for you

Paving the way, the one I've always known
The one that taught to me to stand for truth
Even if I stand alone 

Foundation laid to fight this fight, to face this dying world (pave the way)
The ground they tread, the trumpet sound, the call I've always heard  
The way I feel, can't keep it down, won't toss to the side (pave the way)
They never did, so I never will, won't keep this flame bottled inside 

We remember all the music
That got us past the start
The spirit of 88
Lives on in our hearts 
But it's not over, it won't ever be over
We all have a voice
Will you stand on the sidelines or make a difference? 
We all have a choice

They’re all gone but they’re not forgot
Track Name: Life Is at Stake
He lived his life, questioned everything
Thoughts burning in his brain
Couldn't escape the pain
Looking for something that he couldn't achieve
Taught to focus on actions, not the scars they would leave
Never giving up on the progress he made
Determined to find answers
He refused to stay the same
Clawing and fighting for something to hold
Searching, a weary soul

Nothing is left
They all screamed as he walked alone into uncertainty 
Nothing is left
Sometimes the eyes of the blind cloud the ones that can see
When will you learn? 
Life is at stake

One step then another, found his answers in time
Growing strong from his doubt
From his wandering refined
A new man, confident in his right
Discovering new courage from his ongoing fight
When he finally let go of the legacy he built
He found faith without fear
And hope without guilt
Finally at peace, he fell to his knees
He looked up to the sky and screamed 

I’ve overcome
Didn’t give up when he walked alone into uncertainty
He’s overcome
Didn’t let the blindness compromise the way that he sees
When will you learn?
Life is at stake
The choices you make
Can change everything 
Track Name: No Remorse II
Still want me to remain silent 
Not do what I know is right
Want me to sit still, let this happen
Give up before I've started the fight

"When every blanket of security is taken from you, tell me where will you be?"

I'll still be standing here,
Rooted in these beliefs
Rejecting high horse morality
"Holier than thou" mentality
Head is swelling
Don't get this thinking
Talking down on the seeking
I won't get caught yelling while the hurting are still screaming on the ground 

The time has come to open our minds
Try to earn our own way but there's not enough time
Pledging allegiance to a system of greed
Perfection without grace can't be achieved 

I still won't think twice about saving face
Won't deny truth with no remorse

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