I've Lost All Faith In Myself

by Venia

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During a relentless tour schedule over the past year (including runs with Bitter End, The Mongoloids, Donnybrook, Grave Maker, and Call To Preserve), VENIA crafted 5 new songs of intense hardcore, drawing influence from Buried Alive, Madball, and Merauder, that are sure to impress fans new and old.


released November 30, 2010

Recorded and Edited by Mike Reaves
Mixed by Chris Dowhan
Mastered by Kim Rosen

Lyrics to “The Call” written by Jason Berggren
Guest vocals on “The Call” by Jason Berggren

Cover photo taken by Adam Degross



all rights reserved


Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Crux
have no feeling left inside I’m numb / overwhelming with no point of release / this crux inside my mind / has me starring at what I have become / a two faced son of man stuck in a trap / just begging to get by / so I ask myself / did I whisper in the devil’s ear / exactly what he wanted to hear / the key to my deception / and this time it’s no exception / my foolish ways have got the best of me / drowning all my sorrows in those next to me / wearing my welcome thin / with myself and those I trust / broken / failing I’ve had enough / I’ve lost all faith in myself / faithless in things of this earth / faithless in what I thought had worth / faithless in things of this earth / faithless I’m calling for rebirth
Track Name: Mouth Of A Liar
caught up in a cycle full of empty words I can’t erase / these days it seems I’m built to break / the faults of my routine / a poison seeping through my every seam / double crosser / why did I do what I can’t stand to be true / I have mislead / pull this false faith from my tongue before I rip it out / mouth of a liar / with my old ways coming to collapse around me / there’s no escape / time to come face to face with reality / I’ve hid this lash to the back like it never existed / spilling deceit from the mouth of a liar / my grin was twisted / mouth of a liar / my soul was missing / but I’ll renew / I’ll renew what I lost in you / mouth of a liar I will rebuke
Track Name: Numbers Game
you the puppet master call them forward / to hang them by your strings / pull them left to right / leading them to nowhere / give them songs to sing / but without substance / it’s all a numbers game / that you play with yourself about all you’ve “gained” / now leave them mindless you detach the strings / you’ve left them mindless / left them all fighting for every inch they’ve gained / now you’ve dug their graves to lay them all to rest / a puppet master of the flesh / you’re faith is in numbers / their faith was in you / you’re faith is in numbers / their faith was left reaping nothingness / decayed by emptiness / but I assure you they’ll find the weakness in your flesh / I’ve found the weakness in your flesh they’ll take comfort in knowing the truth / you’ve dug their graves / now lay them all to rest / you’ve dug their graves / now lay them all to rest / you lead this numbers game but it’s turned on you / inside they found the weakness in your flesh
Track Name: The Call (featuring Jason Berggren of Strongarm)
this is the call / a time for reckoning / lay rest to the past / awake a new beginning / let it be known / this ends all confusion / these words are the anthem of a saving revolution / no more chasing shadows leading to the depths / no drawing from a well of sorrows and sewing more regrets / leaving nothing to fortune and nothing to fate / there is only that which we create / generations test it true / the future is made by the decisions of today and so I ask my friend / I ask you now / will you stand / when the world crushes you with pain / will you stand with me / when pleasures tempt you to stray / will you stand with me / sear this on your conscience and brand it on your heart / for the faithful there is a promise / a sacred trust of salvation / never forget and never give in / I will not deny / will you stand with me