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Zachary Mills
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Zachary Mills Genuinely great people who excel at making blistering, chaotic metalcore. This record is every bit as punishing as it is eclectic. It made my top 10 records list of 2016 and with good reason. If they're ever in your area, go to the show and support them. Favorite track: A Lie in Futility.
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released September 9, 2016

All songs written and performed by Dwell

Dwell is Jacob Lilly, Ryan Stephenson, Jeremy White, Ian Gilchrist, and Isaac Gilchrist

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy White at WhiteNoise Recordings
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Artwork by Dave Rankin
Layout by Heather Vaught

Booking by Josh White at State of Mind Booking
A&R by Daniel W. White

℗ & © 2016 BLOOD & INK RECORDS
P.O. BOX 27265



all rights reserved


Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Scars of Grief
Through the calm and the whispers, night has always become loved or hated. The dark air is so easily breathed in. The remembrance of living and dying is present. Nothing can explain this idea of eternalness. But no one knows when death is waiting. Everyone forgets about the end. Everyone forgets about the end. (Death) Grieving (Awaits) Never heals scars of suffering. Grieving never heals scars of suffering, grieving never heals. Cut off your limbs that show scars of grief. Blame the creator of good for every amount of suffering you’ve inflicted. I've ignored any offer of love from anyone that has shown me. I guard my heart from the good and evil. Cut off your limbs that show scars of grief, scars of grief.  Grieving never heals scars of suffering.  Through the calm and the whispers, night has always become loved or hated. The dark air is so easily breathed in, while remembrance of living and dying is present. There is nothing. With a sore heart I’ll keep living until my blood is cold. 
Track Name: This Ground is Cursed
Ease the guilt with false ideas that consist of nothing, no point, no purpose, no absolution. Convinced that you're fulfilled. Ease the pain, ease the pain with material possessions and the power to assure who is richest and who is more valued, who is most loved. When outside this world, nothing matters but the love you spared on those, who lay in the same dirt, you've always heard of and always shown more life than you. Commit war on those who oppose your selfishness until your every mistake has been covered in the blood of innocence. Your possessions will not pay off your debt, only two options will: live or die.
Track Name: Innate
My skin and blood won't stay with me when the time comes to decide my demise. How could time betray me when it's all I really could have obtained?  No one understands why physical bodies abide by this invisible rule. You can’t see time, but you can see what time has done. If time heals, then death must be accepted. Time transports you closer to the end. Some day everything that I love will disappear into the earth. Ignoring that they acquire the same fate, but by God, they know it will happen. So why do I feel like there has to be another level of life, a sense of eternal. It just can't end here. So why do I know about this idea of being forever? Is it just something that I use to comfort myself?
Track Name: A Lie in Futility
You’ve become a puppet to the meaningless, wandering, but hindered, living with a purpose that hides what lies behind you. Knots and the strings grip tighter when you hear of loss and blame it on knowledge (omnipotence). Your mind is wrapping the threads around your neck, you gasp for air. [It's] Around your neck, you gasp for air, but at the same time you want to feel the end. Your lungs are full of what death has breathed in you. Taste the soil of your shallow grave. Lose all sense of sight, except for the sight of who you love. Lose all sense of touch, except for the touch of a beating heart. Gain the sense if the world was meaningless, then you'd never know it was.
Track Name: Open Vein
My sense of hopelessness is luring me into tasting the dirt. My selfishness is pushing me into my final resting place, my home. My doubt will shut the door where I will never see the light of day again. Nothing will change for me, but the world will progress. All who’ve expressed their need to be loved by me, will idolize the times we’ve shared, but never grieve. Let me leave.
Track Name: Forfeit
There’s a voice. There’s a voice in the back of your head and it screams give up, give in. Forfeit your mind, forfeit your love, forfeit your spirit. Watch the world decay, I’ve lost grip of worthiness. Nothing is  more mind piercing (nothing is) than the denouement (of life) of your life. Forfeit. Nothing is more brittle than a blade covered in unspoken emotions. There is nothing heavier than a mind full of strife. There is nothing more fragile than an unloved life. Fulfill life with death, to die is to live. I’ve watched the world decay, as my grip on worthiness slipped away. Nothing that is human will relieve you of despair. Forfeit your mind, forfeit your love, forfeit your spirt, your spirit is dead, forfeit depression for peace, to die is to live. I will die to live for peace.
Track Name: Seasons and Trials
At the end of life people's true colors start to show, everything becomes clearer, It’s like the season of autumn. The leaves change color and everything is visible. Then once they fall it's peaceful but gloomy. Nostalgia becomes familiar and everything is fading, we’re fading away. We’re fading, We’re fading away, fading away. Life and death is beautiful, it’s the reason we all exist. Death becomes frightening because no one knows what comes next. At least some have faith, unlike the trees my roots don't grasp this earth. Unlike the trees my roots don't grasp this earth. Nothing is satisfying, so where’s my home here? Home is not a place, home is feeling, love, and grace. If only these words were forever. Where is my home here? I don’t belong here. Nothing is satisfying, so wheres my home here? I don’t belong here.
Track Name: Like the Leech On Our Skin
Life has been stolen from the bodies of men. Consume. Death resides in the corners of their thoughts. Everything that we embody has become contradictory. The knowledge of good and evil has consumed them all. Selfishness is not recognized as wrong but as natural and justified. They’re ignoring what this morality is. This world has a sickness and it rejects its only cure. Life is a meaningless cycle without its remedy, without its calling. Without its remedy. The only purpose it has is no purpose at all. Only death, no life. Seeking truth with nihilism as the only motive will inherit death of the mind. Life is meaningless without its remedy. Our fate is to die without living, this is the reign of death in life. Bury me under the earth.
Track Name: Relief of Sin
Bring me down into the earth so I can feel the relief of my sin. I yearn to be grieved, so the ones I love felt my need to be loved. The thought of knowing I’ll never fulfill my purpose constricts my lungs. While the truth weighs down on my shoulders. My back starts to break. What is there to give? Everything has already been given. What use am I if I only rot in my thoughts? I don't deserve what I desire. I am a drought longing to be a flood. I will never reflect redemption, but every step I take I sink into the ground more and more, with the truth weighing me down. I walk closer to my own grave.
Track Name: When Aid Has Become Poison
Sink in a bottle to water log the memories that dam you from living. Spill out the tears like you spill the poison into your blood stream, to wake up the next morning to continue the cycle. The tears of the night are now flooding every loved one's life, they’re drowning in your regret. Now you’ve harmed your family, now you’ve harmed your friends. Your children seek out affection from intoxication, you live through their battle with neglect, your ineffective coping mechanism, a conditional love. I hate what you've become. It doesn't matter what the past has said. All you can see is failure, all you can see is regret, all you can see is hate in yourself but you will not change. I’ve chosen a different path. You've raised a debt that will not be repaid, that will not be repaid with venom.