Die With Your Tongue Out

by Tigerwine

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released April 14, 2017

All songs written and performed by Tigerwine
Tigerwine is Steve Lichtenwalter, Sean McKnight, Shane Riley, Hayden Trobee

Produced and Mixed by Matt Goldman at Glow In The Dark Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige Mastering

A&R by Daniel W. White
Artwork and Layout by Mikel Howarth



all rights reserved


Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Spit
Wait. Don't let them think that you're the same. Keep your tongue between your lips except to speak hate. God forbid you learn to relate. Point and shout. Don't bother worrying about how difficult the circumstance, no, just run your mouth. Convince yourself you don't have doubts. Don't strain your hands and don't dull your claws. They belong in your ears except to point out their flaws. Even if there's no words don't stop moving your jaws. Both tongues outstretched. Neither should attempt to open your minds, afraid of what you'll find. Eyes sewn shut. Choking on the thought that you could be part of the problem. One calls for change but is happy to stay the same. One calls for justice refusing to shoulder blame. Rehashing every wrong they can recall but they're both just throwing stones and putting up glass walls. Say you want truth. Won't make the first move. Both wasting time. Obsessed with weakness to find. Want them to hear? Unplug your own ears. Wait for the other to doubt, and you'll die with your tongue out.
Track Name: Rainier
(The) sound of intellect amplified. The illusion of changing minds. "Be a positive light. Don't be a sheep. Don't be blind." But the taste of metal and a shock to the lips brings on a sudden shift to blanket statements and quotes from the usual script. We thought we'd opened our minds. The blame has just changed sides. (Reparations) This is not so black-and-white. (We're making payments) There's no wrong, there's no right. I've seen pain on either side to warrant these bitter lives. But what I've come to realize is that we just don't have time. Hide behind an attempt to offend. Advocate of a trend. So take a second thought before the signal goes out cause the cliches of the pen have made a liar of the mouth. Ideas based upon slogans and catchphrases. Building collections of worn out statements. Oh, will we ever be more than mice in mazes or will we always be making payments for reparations?
Track Name: Nosebleed
Dizzy looking down at clouds. Red-stained upper lip and hands. Can you even see us from up there? Honestly I hope you can't. Move the tassel to the left and claim, no longer, to be sheep. Think you're hunting with the wolves but you're just dogs pulling a leash. Lie to yourself don't lie to me. How did we get here condemning one another for representing different plots on the same timeline? I will keep your place if you keep mine.
Track Name: Sign
Where did I sign? I passed no law, I saw no dotted line. I can't hold your hand. Make your own mistakes, take your own stand. Prove to me you can. Separations once undefined. Disconnections now with clear lines. Separate from me. You've used me up, I'm empty. Cut the cord, you'll see how it breaks so clean. Where will you learn when there are no pages left to turn? Will you shut down then or let your stream of consciousness begin? This façade can end. Separations once undefined. Disconnections now with clear lines.
Track Name: 110
I have never felt more alone. Forced outside of my own home. Pleading with every institution. "We just want to go home." Everyone so concerned but not accountable. They were supposed to know but left me with my hands tied and my back to the wall. Every time you come around I want to burn that pile of wood to the ground. You saw our future being wrung out and thought of only your pocket. You pictured me as a spout. Like a wolf, you showed your teeth but I refuse to be the sheep. One day I hope you need me to show you grace, to set you free so I can give what you denied cause I know it'll make your skin crawl and your stomach rise.
Track Name: Double-Edged
Just a museum piece. A reinvention of the wheel that's as perfect as the circles you're speaking in. Every reaction so rehearsed and specific. "If you're real, step out of line." A uniform mistaken for a free mind. Preaching exhausted views. Recruiting for the cause of dissension. "If you're real, step out of line." A uniform mistaken for a free mind. Move to prove you're not a fake and leave your mind cemented in the same place. How do you let yourself get away with this? So much preaching. No room for a change in thinking. Terrified of insight to the truth. Bound and blinded, claiming to be open-minded. Scraping at the bottom of the barrel. So pull it apart and see if you can build a soapbox to stand on. Doesn't matter if it's empty.
Track Name: Sharp Elbows (Pt. 2)
The ravens still bear their beaks and they're still coming down from the tops of the trees. I wouldn't let you change me. I had so many excuses not to be free. You didn't look at yourself and vow to uproot a family. (But) I told the mirror I wouldn't be broken by curses never aimed at me. Cause yours was a noble defense but mine was an indulgent resentment. Why did I paint you like a shadow? A face of dark gray and a heart of yellow. I held onto the hate using broad strokes. But I had an incomplete pallet so why did I paint you like a shadow? A face of dark gray and a heart of yellow. My memory is short, like my temper. My own righteous words sunk in deeper.
Track Name: Soot
Reactor, oh reactor, so spotless and correct. Building perfect fences around opinions you collect. The secret's in sewing a thick skin. The one who points the finger while his feet remain at rest is better than the one who stumbles trying to take steps and in the end he'll learn not to try again. Wait, you can't change your mind, it's too late or at least I feel it should be but the weight of things you told me were not real is breaking the ground beneath me.
Track Name: Heritage
When I was young and safe inside, I couldn't see the house for the walls. The roof you had built had sheltered me and I could only see it for its faults. Now it's caved in and I see outside. Perspective is a funny thing. Cause now I can see you were the victim then. I could only see one string but the whole thing was unraveling. I watched the hairs turn to gray and they grow so thin as if to hide from thoughts that find their way under the skin. Just like the worms of the earth who dig to toil and spin. Trapped underneath until growth can begin.
Track Name: High Roof
Seen as a cancer for your want to set them free from the body. Forced out like a parasite for questioning its misplaced pride. I could see you fraying as you fought to stand by what you taught me. But all the while you couldn't figure why they left you there to die. I know you feel as if your heart was taken but still your inclination was to defend the ones I met with bitterness and hatred cause you saw them as your flesh and blood and not a means to an end. I know that one day you will find all of the threads that came apart and you'll reassemble them in time. Leave the frayed and broken and restart. I know the silence that you've heard. (Thick-skinned reveries) It aches and makes you question your birth. (A backwards eternity) I know that the lines have been blurred (but one day they'll become clean) between the truth and the words that damn your worth. (You'll see what's in between) Just like the worms of the earth who dig to toil and spin. Trapped underneath until growth can begin.