Time Spent

by Household

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released September 25, 2015



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Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Wistern
I claim freedom from confinement

And that freedom has offered me questions

Have we thought that appearing whole is worth more than true wholeness?

My hope is found in what's ahead

So, I spend time looking at what You've said

I'm taking time away from perfect

Searching my life to find the surface

Taking time - Searching my life

There is no telling what's inside of me

So, in seeking and asking I'm brought sincerity

We're all demanding the world provide an answer

Each story bares its own open wound

Let's take time to look down at ours and start to learn

In time we'll grow

Done with arrogance and unfiltered youth

Raising my nose up high as if I had a clue

Somehow, I started asking questions

It led me straight into confession

Will You hear me calling?

And when I can't hear the answer, will I let You take me as half of a whole?

Finite and figuring out what all this means to me

I ask openly in admittance of what I don't know, hoping that I will find strength in the unknown

I've never thought of this time as a platform

So, I will not just speak as if I have one

Experience like a twisted path,

Leads me to conclusions that others won't have

I understand that I don't fully understand this

All we see are the broken pieces

Finding assurance in what's yet to come

Here's my hand - Take it and run
Track Name: Collecting
I put all of my effort to the task that is at hand

I get rid of distractions that are clouding up my head

I pose the thought of only spending time that is with you

I pick up where we left off to see this through

I am the one who longs for your voice

Just like the deaf long to hear noise

Lover of my soul, Rejoice

Help me be a lover back

I want to be a lover back

I'm trying to be, just be.

Oh, to live in the moment so I can reap the memories

Remember the times I hoped for back then?

So faithful - So light

Stop me from just sitting here silent hoping that time will pass by

As if this gift is something I deserve to waste

Brothers I know, others I now have wouldn't leave here

How dare I run from this sweet sweet story?

Look back to Canadian portraits and US basements

Surely time will pass as will my dreams

So I push on, never to neglect them
Track Name: Sway
Well thought out, I'd say I am

Finding the problem in you again and again

But hold on, Maybe it's me?

‘Cause I've invested all my thoughts in things I cannot release

My mind, like a city to explore, stretches over yet it's all in my head

Be free - now hold that up to me

Seems so easy to say but let it hit me

I hold you close, I hold you close enough to know your every mistake while still having the spunk to ask you to change

Am I who I thought I'd be by now?

So much of what I think constricts so much of who I wanted to be

I wanted to be closer to getting past this than I am

Further along than I am

It's about time that I get this right

Further along than I am

Be free - now hold that up to me
Track Name: Dry Eyes
I get no respect behind my back

I think it's due time to grow up

Confess the courage that I lack in my choices, my weak will

My tendency to tear through nothing

I made my bed and I will die in it

We all grow old if given the chance

Pray with tired voices and folded hands


Perceptions add up and maul on top of each other

Like blankets upon weaving others have stitched together

I am biased and bullied by barely anything

Yet I let it, let it get the best of me

My hands were once lifted high

Now they lay low like my spirit

They dangle at my side

My hands were once lifted high

And I will lift them again
Track Name: Growing Pains
I can't go back to what it was

In simpler times, this could be written off as foolishness

But I believe in calling and I know what we're doing

How I scream - how I sing

This progression and the questions that it brings

I never asked for this

It can be good for us

If I'm honest I don't know why I'm not healed

Cry out for fixing - Stuck with mixed feelings

What does that mean?

First of all, my head is fully clued in

Secondly, I know this is different

Basically, instead of leaving, I'm changing

Bereaving, yes maybe

Believe me, these words still mean so much to me

I may have I let you down

I'm hoping to come across the same

Or is that feeling gone with this sound?

Every note is a blessing

Never to be taken for granted

You see, whatever the reason, this is a new season

A new start
Track Name: Undertow
Dirty streets and the unpaved plans

Take me back home to where it all began

I want to fist fight with the good old days

They ditched me for a worse tomorrow

Sweep me up into the undertow

A little more safety - a little more you

I've been feeling not quite not myself

Wake me up - wash me of

I've got lessons to learn

Trust me with this, you don't need to know everything you think you need to know

I've held high the thought of growing old

A pleasant hope to find my home

Why do you run so far past my limits?

Can't you see my open hand and the good things in it?

How you see me eclipses what I've done

Maybe I've misheard my name all along

I can't stand straight, when I'm alone

I've been beaten down with my mistakes

Sweep me up into the undertow

A little more safety - a little more you

I've been feeling not quite not myself

Wake me up - wash me of my selfishness

I've got lessons to learn
Track Name: Try Hard
How can I expect to find comfort in this list of lies when all I ever do is hold myself right next to you?

Let's be honest, I don't stand a chance

You don't stand a chance

I just don't stand a chance

This clearly is enough

Insecurities swell and my mind dwells in the missing inches between you and I

So hard I have to try

I found a friend - A faithful friend

And He will stick it out - until the end

Never to compare again
Track Name: 828
It all started with you

You are the best thing that we have

Have I lost my mind? ‘Cause everything I thought I knew was not that cool

Cool kids every night coming inside to sing by our side with you and me everybody

It felt a lot like family

Drive by the reindeer light fixture

Tear up the grass - kick in the stairs

Nothing could keep us out of there

We had nothing

We started from scratch

If there was an objective, it was erased by embrace

I can't explain this

I found the beauty of Minnesota in that second year

Set my roots just to be pulled out

Oh if this is success, always leaving the ones that you love,

Then why keep going?

I found it

I feel I'm home

I didn't have to try

I didn't have to fret over words or clever verses to move you

You met us where we were at and we've been moved by you

We were Just 75 kids in a room trying to find love

How could we of known it was inside of each of us?

This must be family in its truest form

Someone who loves, who didn't know me before

Every part of it, that basement and our youth, all we have to say is thank you
Track Name: Cavity
I let myself submerge in dreams of distance

Months of pushing away

Feeling separate enough to say, "It must be someone else to blame"

The space in my heart spread wide with high hopes was the same cavity that taught me empty

Ripped open left bare that first year, my chest exposed to the Minnesota air

So, I was quick to seclude, letting isolation be my muse

Instead of seeking you, I let my feelings choose

There's a deficit that stirs within me

Surely I need some sort of saving

When all my efforts they fall behind me

Nothing of mine will be relieving

Side by side and stride by stride

Pull me out of what my tired eyes can see

Carry me high enough to know my brother's in agony

I like to think that I think quite a bit, but that year I never thought of you

Rightful concern quickly became Conceit

Every man for himself - Stay alone to avoid defeat

I made survival my only focus

The raging and open sea

Fixated on my constant struggle, I didn't see you drowning right next to me

I could write a thousand songs about what I've done wrong

But this one's for what's yet to be done right

After all a "lost at sea metaphor" can teach, I still have a brother who needs me

If there's ever been a time, it's now
Track Name: Withered
I can’t think straight without the bottle to my lips

I can’t think straight when the bottle’s not there

Child rest your head you said “Why, why must we behave?”

Is it pain to watch the children grow and stray, if they become more like you every day?

After all, it’s by you that they were raised

Year after year they watched you as you caved

It’s easier to justify than to change

I turn my back on the very ones that I named
Track Name: I've Been Places
I've been places I never should have been

Thinking thoughts I never should have been thinking

'Haha' just laugh it off, 'cause that's just what I do best these days

I don't need you if I don't need to change

I don't want to believe I've stayed the same

When I'm moving swiftly I can stay away

After miles and miles with all the muck I've treaded

When did I started losing your gaze?

I had no idea sin could travel this way

I'm a stranger in an old land

A foreigner stuck in a familiar place

These skies are nothing that I haven't seen

Same grey but I tell myself they're worth revisiting

Not a chance

I can go the distance

Pick up my feet and leave with all persistence

Can I pay back this debt with sweat?

I can go the distance

Pick up my feet and leave with all persistence

Let me pay back this debt with sweat

Tell me that I'm good enough

Tell me that I've done enough

Is it enough just to be good?

Do I have to Love Right now?

Do I have to be so strong?

This guilty head of mine needs freeing from

All the here-say, talk and chatter about what I've done

Father, I'm at a loss

I've been places I never should have been

Thinking thoughts I never should have been thinking

If I spent enough time away I'd be okay

But after all this talk of travel and what I have, it's you that I don't have

But know it’s you that I should have
Track Name: Guilty Gone
I go outside

The wind still hits my face tonight

I go to bed, close my eyes

The question of true love in mind

These sleep filled nights, accompanied by you most times

I wake, effected by the things once said and the things I feel

And the music's not enough and you're still not here

I always find time to question even though time's been tested

And the place I wanted most was not the place that I chose

Learning to let go of things once held

And the Loneliness I feel

I've given to myself

And I haven't wanted to be anyone anywhere else

But I'm finally learning to love not just you and not just myself

I never wanted you to feel that I gave up on you

But it seems to be something I chose

How did I get here?

And where are you?

You're still the most beauty that I've seen

And maybe it wasn't just for me

It's been years now and I'm still learning to be okay

I loved you, the only one I ever really wanted to

I'll learn to be a man without you

I'm done here, releasing words I've kept

With all the time I've used, I sing what I have left

There is an understanding, deeper and greater than we know

It mends the broken hearted and picks up what man cannot

Oh, it comes in a whisper for the simple to collect

Telling the few who will listen, that our questions do not come back void

Because I am nothing

I am bottomless, losing twice of what I manage to gather

Yet He will show me another way

I ask questions found deep within this warm aching body

I am made new, a fresh beginning

And only through that Man's beautiful love can I begin to sing about such things.