Burn What My Hands Wrought

by Problem Of Pain

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Jordan Stringfellow
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Jordan Stringfellow Blood & Ink has been releasing some great music lately, from Joy's new EP and now Problem of Pain's "Burn What My Hands Wrought" has blown me away! This is some raw and ferocious hardcore with so much grit and filth that I find myself listening to this album over and over again. Buy it now. Support these guys! Favorite track: Forge (Feed the Flame).
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released July 29, 2016

All songs written and performed by Problem Of Pain
Problem Of Pain is Garrett Finch & Jake Beaver

Recorded live and mixed at Whitenoise Studios (NC) by Jeremy White
Mastered at Timber Studios (NJ) by Adam Cichocki
Album artwork & layout design by Jake Beaver

Left To Decay - I & Regret // Empty features Ridge Rhine
Solace features Abigail Olson
Apathetic features Jacob Lilly

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Track Name: Retribution
Retribution. Shove my face in the dirt. Remind me of what I am, but who I’m not. My eyes sewn shut, never looking past a vicious cycle. I am glass and bone (break me). Grab the hammer and nail (stake me). (As I did to You). Spitting upon whose breath is my own, make me a spitting image of You.
Track Name: Left to Decay - I
Everything has failed me, I placed my faith in vanity. The world keeps turning, and I’m left here to decay. Reign over me. Stand back and watch me wither away. Kill my faith in shadows. Shadows. Vapors.
Track Name: Dust to Dust (I Remain) - II
The worms found solace in a body vacant. It lay desolate and decayed from dust to dust.
Track Name: Forge (Feed the Flame)
The blade remains, your hand the same. Tell yourself it’s worth the pain. Hammer strike, feel no pain. Calloused like the rest. Whetstone, ease the pain; a dull edge will take days. (Refine). Make the incision, nothing but blood. Give into the pain. (Regret). Pain. Take the blade, cut the noose, fall to your face, it’s worth the pain.
Track Name: Burn (What My Hands Wrought)
Where do my demons hide? Let this false god die. I won’t let you linger. Let this false god die. Burn what my hands wrought. Burn.
Track Name: Regret // Empty
The cycle resets. My lack of control has left me empty. And I get nervous, and I feel the shakes. Bury my head when I think of my weakness. What surrender. What peace. So familiar, but broken because of me. Wait for me to bloom.
Track Name: Apathetic
Would you suffer? Give in to the sun. The acid swells, swallows your heart whole. Afraid to feel, solitude, growing cold. Vanity at my feet, my own ashes I consume. Apathetic to the world you take and take. The harvest is nigh. Your hands are broke with nothing left to show. Is this what it feels like to be alive?
Track Name: Solace
Plant me amongst the streams that my roots may grow (flourish). Amongst the vines where the branches hang low; they suffocate the light (shine through). Amongst the grass in the field where the rain co-inhabits shine (flourish); I might stand out in bloom amongst solidarity. The light will engulf the moon. In a garden of sorrow, where your mother lay, I console (solace). Head hang low. Suffocate amongst sodium waste. Seasons change. The light will remain.
Track Name: Pray for Release
Open up and close your eyes, feel the pain sift. Release the grief, I pray for release. Recollect the process. Search your thoughts and dissolve. Looking for the answer took me to the pain. Recollect the process, it lead me to the pain. Pull the root from the dirt. I tried to cleanse it on my own. Lifeless. I’m lifeless. My life’s lost. Cleanse me. This is me at my darkest trying to grasp the meaning. My hands are bleeding gripping what was fleeting. Release. I give up, nothing satisfies anymore and my eyes were shut.
Track Name: I Cursed the Sun for the Darkness
I cursed the sun for the darkness.
Track Name: Breathe Easy // Barely Breathing
The martyrs’ grave lies under my feet. Their cries heard through gnashing teeth. Planting seeds. Harvest. Lying down. Shorted out. Justify standing by. Stay home. Breathe easy. Barely breathing.