2017 Promo

by Strengthen What Remains

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released January 27, 2017


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Blood & Ink Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Exploit. Enslave. Overpower.
Privilege and power built on a concrete foundation of oppression, violence and exploitation.
A flag waves and cast a shadow
on the soil of a stolen land.
Where Ignorance is proselytized,
indoctrinated and passed down.
Equality is just a word when human decency is unfound.
Track Name: Liberation of the Spirit
My spirit longs to escape the prison of self, in my fear enslaved.
Apathy is the killer, the enemy of progression.
I'll Suppress my rage, in Exchange for familiarity.
Boasting faulty claims of advancement,
when All I know is misery.
Self loathing, pushed to my breaking point.
The constant search for clarity, will peace find its way in me.
Reject what is right.
Word of truth, falling on my deaf ears.
Clouded vision.
Impaired judgement.
Rejecting guidance, left alone to my own devices.
I slowly disintegrate.
My pride is hollow
My flesh is so weak
My spirit is crushed
I will find solace in death.
Track Name: Against the Stone
A false hope for opulence.
Ignoring these patterns of violence .
We tie our own hands,
rendering ourselves defenseless.
Replacing the truth in exchange for a fabricated reality.
Live and die for this dream.
Your silence is deafening.
Your neutrality is just an excuse for apathy.
The scapegoat is in place.
Misdirected anger, misguided rage.
We ignore the true enemy, choking on our good intentions.
See through opened eyes,
for once in your coddled life.
Will you take a firm stance?,
though this reality is hard to digest.
Or will you bash your head against the stone and die a cowards death?

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